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About artfity

What is artfity?

artfity, a one of small shops running in Hong Kong with providing a customized design platform for variety of custom-print mobile accessories.

With the custom platform for phone cases, simply select your favourite photos, patterns and name by few clicks to make your own one.

Not only the customized phone case, but the series of mobile accessories for tailored-made in one-go, like the Phone Socket Holder and the Wireless Charging Pad as your personalized essentials and even the gifts.

Don’t miss the chance to prepare a personalized present to your loved one.  


Core Values of artfity

We believe “Everyone is a PRO”. With the tools provided by artfity, you are the artist; and artfity, is the drawing tools that help inspire and realize your artistic ideas.

You will find that ordinary people and things around you, be it your beloved family, precious travel memories, the firsts of your children, your pet which crowns you king or queen of its kingdom, the priceless creations of your children, or a quote that speaks your mind, could become unique ingredients that you could make use of, when you make your own personalized belongings that keep the memorable moments close. 


 Unique customer experience

We would not stop our pursuit of product quality, and would never lower our standards of quality control. Customized products are produced with high-quality materials and innovative printing processes. Manual monitoring allows us to optimize the appearance of your creations, and makes sure that the products are aesthetic and durable.

To extend the product range, artfity also offer another mobile accessories, like mobile charging cable and the tempered glass screen protector to suit your need.

We aim to provide customers with the best point-to-point experience. In other words, we are providing quality customer service, not just quality products. It is artfity’s mission to accompany customers on an unprecedented creative journey. 


The artfity spirit

We encourage everyone to listen to their hearts, and be confident in their own ideas! “Trust Your Creativity” is central to artfity. Start bringing unique joy to yourself and to those important to you. Let your creativity fly right now!